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Dementia – How Senior Living Can Help Someone Overcome Depression

Dementia is more complex than just being forgetful. This disease is categorized by memory problems. It also affects your behavior, challenges you emotionally and cause problems with communication. However, early signs of dementia cause memory loss.

Caregivers are often taken by surprise when they see a change in their elderly loved one. Read on to find out how senior living can help someone overcome depression.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Depression?

If someone has dementia, then this person needs a lot of attention and care. For these reasons, it is common to see depression occur in dementia patients. This disease may cause you to lose control and feel isolated.

It can also become difficult to tell the difference between the two conditions. The symptoms are similar for dementia and depression, such as feelings of apathy, memory loss and trouble with sleeping. A senior in this position needs a lot of care. If you cannot provide it, then it is time to start exploring assisted living facilities.

Find A Supportive Community

An assisted living community provides long-term care to people with disabilities and seniors. You can live in the community and get access to a variety of services. These services include help with meals, dressing, bathing, medical management and access to social activities. Your senior family member will also be in an environment with people with the same conditions and of the same age.

How Assisted Living Communities Helps With Depression?

Many dementia patients live in their home alone. They have to wait for people to visit and need transportation to go places. In assisted living communities, you have other senior residents, which mean someone is always around. Residents also have access to a schedule of activities. For example, the community has certain days the residents are taken shopping. Residents are taken to places like the mall and to discount stores.

Socials are another activity. They are similar to a meet and greets. You are participating in activities that allow you to meet other seniors. The community may have a Christmas party that includes a gift exchange and dinner. A weekly game night is another activity that residents can look forward to.

Seniors who are dealing with depression needs support. They need to feel wanted and will thrive in a positive environment. It also helps for your loved one to have continuous access to medical care. A person with dementia is going to need to be taken care of emotionally and physically.