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What Types Of Services Are Provided At Dementia Care Centers?

Dementia care centers are like safe havens for those with dementia. People diagnosed with the condition often become forgetful and can no longer function as they did when they were younger. Unfortunately, when it gets to that point, those with dementia will typically need to use the services provided at a dementia care center, where skilled, trained staff members can work with them to improve their way of life.

Memory Care Services

One of the most common services provided to those with dementia is memory care. It consists of completing different activities with the patient in an effort to stimulate the brain, improve memory, and potentially reverse some of the side effects of this condition. The goal is to support the patient, helping them with specific tasks they may no longer be able to handle on their own while also offering enriching activities that benefit the brain. The activities may include painting, sculpting with clay, gardening, and completing various arts and crafts. Loved ones of those with dementia who participate in memory care activities throughout the week may notice substantial improvements.

Daycare Services

While most think of children when they think about daycare, many people with dementia attend daycare in a welcoming and comfortable environment where they can receive help. Most people with dementia can't be left alone, so they attend these daycare sessions while their caretakers do other things, such as work or running errands. While in a daycare environment, they can socialize with others around them and participate in fun, engaging activities designed to strengthen their memory and support those struggling with this frustrating condition.

While in a daycare environment at the dementia care center, patients receive daily meals and snacks, enjoy fun games, and even go on occasional outings with the caretakers. Staff members provide medication when necessary and keep at-home caretakers up-to-date with any progress an individual makes at the center.

The most common dementia care services include memory care and daycare. From providing individuals with activities that can help strengthen their memory to taking on the responsibility of caring for them and keeping them busy and entertained throughout the day, staff members at the dementia care center can make a massive difference for the people who get diagnosed with such a condition. If you currently have a loved one who has recently learned of this diagnosis and you would like to help them to the best of your ability, consider looking into dementia care centers in your area to learn more about the programs and services they provide.