Choosing A Great Care Center

Finding Care For Your Aging Parent Or Relative With Dementia

Everyone ages and with that can come health or mental health issues that may require more help than you can give. If you are in a position that leaves you having to make a decision about getting memory care for a parent or relative, there are some things that you should consider. Not everyone needs a nursing home so assisted living might be the best option. But when dementia or other memory-related issues are involved, there are some things to consider.

Assisted Living

When you are considering an assisted living home and dementia is a problem, you need to talk to the management of the home and see what their experience with dementia is. People with dementia often need to be handled differently than those with health or mobility issues because they can become scared and confused very quickly. Knowing how to handle this situation is critical to a positive outcome for the patient. Because patients with dementia and Alzheimer's do not know where they are or who people are, forcing them it a situation or trying to make them understand what is happening can make the confusion even worse. They need help for the day to day care and help to cope with life in spite of their memory issues.

Nursing Homes and Medical Facilities

In some cases, a nursing home may be more appropriate for your loved one. If they have health concerns as well as dementia or other mental health issues, they may need a level of assistance that is beyond what most assisted living facilities can offer. Picking a facility for them may come down to the best option that can handle both the health and mental health problems at the same time. Most nursing homes offer more than just a bed so they will still have some degree of freedom and other residences to interact with. Often there are activities for the residence that engage them at the level that is appropriate for them and the care they need is being met as well.

How Open, Is Too Open?

Nobody wants to put their parent or loved one in a facility that feels like a jail but consider the level of dementia or other memory issues that they are having before deciding how secure the facility needs to be. If they are in the early stages and can still participate in off-site trips and outings, a facility that offers that is a good choice. If they are more prone to wandering off and not knowing where they are, they may need to be in a facility that has a higher degree of security for their own good. Safety has to be high on the list of priorities for your parent or loved one and choosing the right place for them to get all the things they need is best for them and for your own peace of mind.