Choosing A Great Care Center

What Type of Care Does Your Senior Parent Need?

At some point, your senior parent might need some assistance completing daily tasks, and this is something that can happen gradually or overnight. If you realize your parent needs help, you might wonder what type would be best for your parent. Here are three of the common options you could choose from to help you determine which option would be best for your mom or dad.

In-home care services

One service seniors benefit from is in-home care services. With in-home care services, aids come to the homes of seniors and help them with different types of tasks. This can include helping them with personal hygiene tasks, cooking, and taking medications. It can also include companionship care, which involves sitting with seniors and keeping them company.

In-home care services are ideal for seniors that are lonely or that need help with basic things, such as housework and bathing. This is not the best option for seniors who need help with everything they do.

Assisted living

The next step up from in-home care is assisted living. At an assisted living facility, seniors have a good mixture of assistance and freedom. They have private rooms to live in, and these rooms typically have kitchens in them as well as a bathroom and living room. Additionally, assisted living facilities have aids and nurses that offer services for the seniors.

Assisted living is great for a senior that needs a decent amount of help but is not quite ready to give up all independence. Assisted living is also great for seniors who want to have things to do. Most facilities offer a lot of recreational activities for the residents, and this even includes day trips to fun places. If your parent is bored living alone at home and needs help with some things, this is probably the best option to consider looking into.

Nursing home facility

When seniors need full-time care and assistance, the best option is a nursing home. This is typically the last option families look into, though, because it is a huge move. If your parent is still able to do most things on his or her own, this would not be the best choice.

Seniors can greatly benefit when they receive the type of care they need. If you would like to learn more about these options, contact a senior assisted care living facility like Haven Homes today to schedule a time to visit the community.