Choosing A Great Care Center

What To Look For When Choosing A Nursing Home For Your Loved One After A Car Accident

If your loved one needs to stay in a nursing home to recover from a serious injury after a car accident, you'll likely be relied on to help choose a reliable and comfortable facility for them. Here are a few things to look for during your hunt.

Access to Physical Therapy Onsite

After being seriously injured in a car accident, your loved one will likely be in need of physical therapy in order to heal and get back home to regular life. To ensure that your loved one has the support they need, the nursing home you choose for them to recover in should offer physical therapy treatments onsite. They'll be able to participate on a daily basis if necessary without having to worry about being transported to another location or paying extra fees to have a therapist visit them for treatments.

The Opportunity to Make Choices

It's also important to make sure that the nursing home you choose for your loved one will offer them the opportunity to make their own choices about their care during their stay. Your loved one should be able to choose the days and times they see their doctor instead of being presented with a schedule that someone else made for them. Your loved one should also be able to decide what to wear every day, how to spend their free time, who visits them, and when or why they leave the premises.

Community Activity Options

When visiting prospective nursing homes, take time to check out the community activity options that are available on the premises. Community activities will provide your loved one with a rich recovery experience and help keep them in a positive frame of mind until they can recover enough to return home.

Not only should exercise classes be taught onsite, but your loved one should be able to participate in activities such as knitting or carving, playing board games, writing, and even golfing. Have your loved one make a list of activities they'd enjoy partaking in and use the list as a guideline when comparing prospective nursing homes.

Flexible Dining Availability

While many nursing homes are set up like hospitals offering single and double rooms, there is no reason why your loved one should have to be served their food in bed if they can get up and sit at a table. And your loved one should be able to eat when they feel hungry, not when someone else thinks they should eat.

So the nursing home you choose should have a dining room where your loved one can order meals from a menu whenever they want to. And if your loved one can't get out of bed due to their injuries, the nursing home should provide them with the same options and flexibility that the dining room does. To learn more about nursing facilities, talk with businesses such as Regina Nursing Center.