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3 Tips For Helping A Loved One Decorate An Assisted Living Space

Moving into an assisted living facility is a good choice for many seniors, but it can also be sad for them to leave their home. Decorating their new space in an assisted living facility with their favorite things can be a good way to ease the transition for your loved one. Take a look at some assisted living decorating tips that can help make your loved one's new home feel more like home. 

Be Mindful of Space Limitations

Depending on the facility, an assisted living space can range from the size of a hospital room to the size of a small apartment. Either way, it's likely to be smaller than your loved one's previous home. Before you begin bringing in your loved one's favorite decorations and furniture, take the time to scope out the living space and take some measurements.

Keep in mind that avoiding clutter is not just about aesthetics. A room that's packed full of furniture or has clutter blocking walkways can be a dangerous tripping hazard for a senior. Take your time going through your loved one's items (or shopping for new things) and make sure that you keep space limitations in mind as you choose what to bring to the assisted living facility.

Incorporate Furniture That Doubles as Storage Space

Limited living space also means limited storage space, but you can increase your loved one's storage space by incorporating furniture that doubles as a storage space. For instance, a coffee table with a magazine rack underneath can prevent stacks of magazines from piling up, and an ottoman that opens up can be both a place to sit and a place to store small items. Decorative baskets that sit on top of a bookshelf or dresser can look attractive and reduce clutter.

Just make sure that when you choose furniture with storage capacity for your loved one, you look for furniture that's easily accessible. Avoid complicated locking mechanisms and hard-to-grasp handles.

Include Extra Light

Lamps make great accent pieces for any room, and for seniors with vision problems, increasing the amount of light in a room increases visibility and allows for more independence.

As with furniture, it's important to make sure that any additional lighting you bring in is also easily accessible. Plug lamps into outlets that can be turned on and off by a wall switch, or choose lamps that can be operated by touch, voice, or remote.

Personalizing your loved one's assisted living space will help them feel more comfortable in their new home. Your loved one will appreciate your company and the time you take to help them settle into their new space.