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3 Insights to Help Your Elderly Loved One Continue Living in Their Home

When your elderly loved one gets older and can't do all the things for themselves they used to be able to do, it can be tempting to find an assisted living facility for them to move into. However, many elderly people do not want to move out of their home they know and love, so it is important for you to make some changes they need to help them live in their own home. Here are three tips to help you accomplish this wish.

1. Improve Their Mobility at Home

One of the most common tasks elderly individuals find difficult is maneuvering up and down their home's stairs. Since finding them a home on one level is not an option, you will need to make changes to their home stairs for an installation of a stair lift. This type of addition will require professional installation and have it fit to their stairs, but will provide a safe and helpful way for your elderly loved one to ascend and descend their stairs without risking a fall down them.

Talk to a stair lift provider or retailer, such as Elite Lift and Elevator, to get information about the cost and how the lift will be installed for your elderly loved one.

2. Provide Help for Personal Care

It is also a good idea to provide access to the shower or bathtub for your elderly loved one to wash themselves more easily. There are many types of alterations you can make to their washing area, such as a seated bathtub insert or a bench for a shower stall, and a lower-positioned shower head. You can also install safety grab bars in the shower or tub area to give them places to hold onto while they move into and out of the shower or tub.

As a part of your loved one's personal care, it is important to make sure they receive any medications on a regular basis and other medical needs, such as diabetes treatments and health care check-ups. For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure someone is there on a daily or weekly basis to make sure their medications and other needs are taken care of through the upcoming week and make sure they make any health-related appointments.

3. Help with Healthy Meals

Another way to help out your elderly loved one to remain in their home is to provide them with healthy groceries regularly and make sure they have healthy meals each day. You can hire a personal service to grocery shop for your elderly loved one or do it yourself so they have a good selection of foods to prepare their meals with.

Many elderly loved ones living in their own homes will like being able to prepare their food, but they may need help during times of illness. During such instances, you can provide meals for them yourself or ask friends and relatives to bring them prepared meals.