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Is Your Aging Loved One Obsessed With Writing Their Memoir? 3 Strategies To Keep Them Healthy As They Write

The senior years often bring people a new drive to complete the things that they have always dreamed of achieving, and your loved one may view their memoir as an heirloom that they can leave to future generations. While your family is likely eager to read about your loved one's rich life experiences, you may also be worried about them spending so much time writing that they neglect their health. You can use these tips to show your loved one support while also making sure that they stay healthy enough to finish their project.

Encourage Them to Take a Break For Meals

When creativity hits its peak, time has a way of flying by. Most likely, your loved one doesn't mean to miss a meal, but they may lose track of time and suddenly realize that they never had lunch. Unfortunately, not eating regular meals places your loved one at risk for malnutrition, and seniors with health conditions such as diabetes are vulnerable to blood sugar fluctuations that affect their ability to think clearly. Have your loved one set an alarm for their meal times, and make sure that they have someone to eat with regularly who can make sure that they actually put the pen down.

Watch For Warning Signs of Physical Strain

At first glance, writing does not look physically demanding. Yet, anyone who writes for long periods of time is at risk for developing injuries from strain. Ask your loved one to tell you if they experience changes in their comfort or abilities. For example, headaches after writing could signify eye strain. Seniors who type their memoir on a computer could develop complications with their arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. If unusual symptoms are noticed, then help your loved one make arrangements to see their doctor so that they can talk about ways to minimize the strain as they write.

Arrange for Help With Sanitation and Hygiene

If your loved one gets too far into their writing, then they may also begin to neglect other critical parts of their daily routine. In some cases, seniors may skip baths, stop washing dishes and overlook tiny messes that lead to serious hazards around the house. Since writing is beneficial for your loved one, it may be best to just let them enjoy their creative whim and arranging for home care assistance services is a happy compromise that keeps them safe and clean as they write.

Your loved one's memoir is bound to be an exciting read. By giving them the support they need to stay on track with their daily routine, you can make sure that they are healthy enough to finish the final chapter. Hire a home care assistance service to help your loved one manage the day to day needs so they can still focus on their goals.