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Successfully Rehabbing At Home: How To Decide If It Is Right For You

With the growing number of joint replacement procedures and other serious bone, muscle, and tendon surgical repairs, the question of rehabilitation is sure to arise. In many cases, the patient fully understands the need for utilizing the rehabilitation process to the fullest, but they are reluctant to leave their home and seek an in-patient option during this part of their recovery.

While in-home rehabilitation is possible, there are many things to consider in order to make it a successful option. If you are preparing for an upcoming joint replacement or other serious procedure and are interested in rehabbing in your own home, the following information can help you decide it if doing so is the right choice for your situation. 

Determine whether your insurance plan will work with it

One of the first things to consider when considering rehabilitating at home after surgery is whether or not your insurance provider will cover this type of rehabilitation.Most rehab processes require the involvement of a number of medical professionals and equipment, including: 

  • physical and occupational therapists
  • nursing and wound care professionals
  • specific exercise and mobility equipment 

If the insurance company does not agree to cover the cost of these and other medical needs performed in your home during the rehab process, you may have no option but to use in-patient rehabilitation services.

Determine whether your home is adequately equipped for a comfortable rehab

Another important consideration that surgical patients will need to make when considering staying home for the rehab process is whether their home will be safe and comfortable for the purpose. Homes that have too many stairs, or those that have design, repair, or condition issues that could affect your safety or comfort may not be suitable for an in-home rehab. 

Determine whether you have an adequate support system

The next factor to consider before attempting to stay at home during the rehabilitation process is whether or not you have a good support system around you. At a minimum, it is important that you have someone to stay with you to assist you with with household chores and cooking, as well as driving you back and forth to appointments. 

While it can be difficult to consider staying away from home during a rehabilitation after surgery, most patients find the time passes quickly as they work toward regaining their mobility and independence. Taking the time to visit with short-term rehabilitation services in your area well before the date of your surgery can help you learn more about what to expect so that you can make the decision that will be more appropriate for your needs.