Choosing A Great Care Center

4 Questions To Ask When Assessing An Assisted Living Facility For Your Senior Loved One

Choosing the best senior care facility is a huge decision. Make sure you find the best place by asking these four questions during the assessment and searching process. 

Does the room have an emergency communication system installed?

Not all senior care facilities have emergency communication in private rooms, but this is something that is important for your loved one to have. These communication systems will allow your loved one to reach someone any time of the day or night when they need assistance. Those properties that do not have these emergency communication systems will usually offer contact by phone, which can be good but not quite as convenient as an integrated system that serves as a constant line of communication between residents and the staff who oversees their care and well-being. 

What types of amenities are available for your loved one as a resident?

Amenities are a huge thing to consider when it comes to senior care and assisted living because these will be those little extra things that will make your loved one comfortable, entertained, and happy. Different amenities can be offered according to the place, but some of the most common include things like: 

  • Private concierge services 
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments 
  • On-site restaurants or dining areas 
  • Free WiFi or computer lounges 
  • Fitness centers 

What assisted daily living services will be provided?

Assisted daily living (ADL) services are those services that tend to the basic needs of your loved one. Things like helping your loved one get dressed, shower, or remember to take their medication are some of the most common ADLs provided. Knowing what is offered at a facility will help you ensure the level of care offered falls in line with what your senior loved one needs. 

How much will the facility charge per month for residency?

This is probably the biggest question that you should ask when you are assessing different assisted living facilities or senior care services. There are different price ranges with different places, of course. However, it is good if the pricing is in line with what other facilities charge in the area. For example, in the state of Kentucky, the average price for assisted living is $3,350 per month. If you visit a place and they are far above that price range, you will want to ask why or find out what amenities are offered that create that higher price point.