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Count on Senior Care Services When a Senior Falls at Home

If a senior falls in your home, it's normal to be very afraid of what might happen next. Is your loved one injured? Will they need more permanent senior care services? What's the best way to get help? What can you expect senior care services to do after a fall? These are the steps one should take if a loved one has fallen, from the initial steps to the long-term solutions that will help you move forward safely. These are also the steps you can count on a senior care service to provide in the wake of a serious fall.

Get Emergency Help

If you are the first one on the scene, it is very important that you remain calm and call for help. Senior care services know exactly how to deal with falls, and they know to call 911 right away to survey the situation.

Avoid Moving Your Loved One

Senior care providers know the importance of not moving somebody who may have broken bones or might have acquired a spinal injury, and they will assess the issue without causing additional harm. Providers understand the risks of moving your loved one, and they ensure they avoid potential risk.

Check Their Vitals

Senior care providers know how to find a pulse and check for breathing very quickly, which ensures that your loved one's vitals have some monitoring at all times. This is important information to have on hand before emergency services arrives.

Look for Signs of Bleeding, Breaks, or Swelling

Senior care providers look for signs of bleeding and swelling right away, and they apply pressure when it is necessary. They also know how to look for awkward positioning of the limbs so they can ensure that they report the facts to the emergency responders accurately.

Apply First Aid If Necessary

Finally, the senior care services are often trained in first aid and CPR, which means that they can provide some care to your loved one while they wait for help to arrive. These falls are serious and may require care to keep your loved one safe before somebody can help.

Senior Care Services are Essential

If your loved one lives at home but has some health challenges or requirements, it is important that they have access to the necessary resources. Senior care services are available to help your loved one through the next stages of care, ensuring that they are safe.