Choosing A Great Care Center

Creating A Smooth Transition From Home To A Skilled Nursing Facility

The average elderly person has spent the last several decades taking care of themselves, independently. As such, the idea of leaving behind their life at home for one at a skilled nursing facility is often met with a great deal of resistance. As a child, family member, or other loved one, you only want what is best for their health and safety, so learning how to convince them that this is the best step should be the goal for a smooth transition.

The Facts

Any discussions centered around your loved one's transition to the facility should be based on facts. Unlike independent living communities or nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities are designed to accommodate those individuals who need ongoing medical care and treatment outside the walls of a hospital. People with dementia, significant mobility concerns, and other medical conditions typically require this care. 

If you focus the conversation on the hard facts about their condition and the fact that their health and access to care are the most important factors, it might be easier for them to accept this new normal.

Less About You

When you have to care for an individual with health concerns, it is a lot of work. While any concerns you have about your ability to take on the task, in terms of skill and time are important, you do not want to bring them up with your loved one. 

Particularly if your loved one is moving out of your home into a facility, you do not want them to feel like you are giving them up, as this can make the transition harder. Make certain your loved one understands this move is all about their care and not about your convenience. 

Specialized Care

Aim to locate a facility that offers specialized care. The idea behind this step is that the better the care your loved one receives, the more comfortable they will feel, and ultimately, the smoother their transition. Specialized care facilities are often encouraged for certain conditions, such as dementia.

These care centers provide a balance between security and independence, and some even offer activities for residents to participate in based on disease progression. The idea is that their entire program is designed around the specific medical condition that your loved one has. 

Keep these tips in mind as you speak with your loved one about the need for a move to a skilled nursing facility care.