4 Questions To Ask When Assessing An Assisted Living Facility For Your Senior Loved One

Choosing the best senior care facility is a huge decision. Make sure you find the best place by asking these four questions during the assessment and searching process.  Does the room have an emergency communication system installed? Not all senior care facilities have emergency communication in private rooms, but this is something that is important for your loved one to have. These communication systems will allow your loved one to reach someone any time of the day or night when they need assistance.

5 Ways To Help With The Adjustment To Assisted Living When You Live Far Away

If your parents are moving into an assisted living facility, even if it is a wanted move, the transition can be tough. There are ways that you can help with this transition, even if you don't live nearby. #1 Help Them Find a Good Fit First, help your parents find the right assisted living community. All assisted living communities are not the same and cater to different interests. For example, some are located on a golf course, others may be near the water, and others may focus on intellectual stimulation.